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August 5th, 2006
senior scheduleCollapse )

May 30th, 2006
i have a phone now. but you guys call me. & i don't have texting yet. so don't text me, duh.

May 29th, 2006
i don't have a phone. so don't call me. i think i will by tomorrow. but i don't know.

bitching, hi! [Wednesday
May 17th, 2006
shitttt i'm so fucking sick. my voice is dyingg. and my room is boarded up and there's no hot water so i had to take a fucking cold ass shower this morning. i have no kitchen anymore. it's like a table in the middle of where everything used to be. lmfao, i'm like so poor. and prom threw off my birth control, lmfao, so my period, yeah, it's bad. smoking cures cramps for like 10 minutes, if you haven't taken a shit. if you have taken a shit, i bet it works better.

i had a happy meal yesterday thoughhhhhhh :]

i'm probably gonna make this shit friends only for a while, or forever. at least the posts i remember to make friends only.

May 7th, 2006
I have the biggest urge to open the car door on the highway everytime I get in the car, just to see if it would open or if the lock would open. I've done it before so I don't know why I want to do it again. It's like the dumbest reoccuring idea I've ever had. lmfao

May 2nd, 2006
it's like everytime i try to imagine myself with a boy, they turn into a cardboard fucking cut-out. but for some reason counting change off of a dirty bed seems so fucking realistic. it's the only way i eat anymore.

you're in the get away car [Sunday
April 23rd, 2006
[ mood | acid ]

i keep having weird dreams and a lot of them keep coming true. & my brother is a fucking tard, just for the record.

trollzCollapse )

i wanna go to mcdonalds NOWWWWWWWWW


ohmygod [Wednesday
April 19th, 2006
[ mood | amused ]

"For Courtney so loved the world that she gave her only begotten punk rock chords, that whosoever played them, might not suck, but have everlasting guitar power." Glammy 3:16

you are utterly clueless about what work was done and when i see the conjecture on here i just laugh my fat ass off.
TOTAL FACIAL RECONSTRUCTIO....what the fuck are you on about?
Admitted;y the face got very very scary during the crack years, but that was to be expected due to as little beauty enhancer called CRACK.
I see the lists you guys post and i just fucking laugh and sometimes i get mad, because you make upo surgeries that Ive never even heard of.
Sure theres some of this and some of that, But noones ever had a face lift or cheek implants or bones crushed or any of that , noses and the lips that wont shrink, and better teeth. and tits out after tits were in. thats all.
Theres FAT on her sid eof the family but not a lot of wrinkles and theres a big fat nose on that side of the family and weve all seen it and it had to go.
But stop harping on and on about fictional sci fi sirgeries that just didnt happen.
SOME people have never even had BOTOX and this poster is one of those people.
SOme people get puffy not wrinkly due to genetics and some people last well into thier forties with a tigh ass and high tits if they drink alot of water and go macrobiotic quietly and do alot of yoga and are lucky re the drug abuse and their constitution.
Ive heard of jaw reductions, rib removals, cheek impants forehead inplants, a procedure where they take the hairline back so ones forehead looks higher, changing the eye vector, all sorts of arcane shit, theres one where they inject fat into the wrinkle between your armpit and your arm socket , so yo can have a totallysmooth line when you wera strappy dresses.
Sharon Ive heard on good authority has her toenails acryliced, thats just weird, like every toe afake toenail so shell look perfect in sandals.
I cant lie and say i dont knowe anyone who never used sharons manicurist and was curious and tried it , but i hear it felt realy weird
the big thing now>? Eyelash extensions. everyones got them.
anyway carry on with the delusional list of plastic surgeries that were not undertaken please. Its so fun. I have the funnest here of any member , only when i feel like a real masochist who wants to feel lower than shit and know what hate an dbitterness and cyniccism is really all about.
Cant wait until certian people thank their fans, what fans?I dont belive there are any here just Paris Hilton obsessed newbies who want ot be cool by being as evila spossible about every single piece of minutae.
Gotta sleep.

she's fucking hilarious. just not about the fan thing. that's just retarded. & i love that someone posted a picture of glammy and hilton together laughing. ahhhhhhhh i don't care how much of a fan i am, i don't pre-order shit.


spin a lie in your mind, you're mine. [Sunday
April 2nd, 2006

things will be perfect again.

March 31st, 2006
i feel like an asshole because i feel like i'm the fucking only person who has normal parents. and i fucking love them both, obviously. i'm so tired of fucking self-concerning parents. i have no fucking idea how they even get that way.

pagan baby [Thursday
March 30th, 2006
[ mood | crushed ]

one dozen white ones
who do they go to?
i get cold shoulders
and i go to sleep

what would appear in lazy eye?
mother drunk, and deaf and blind
true about me
and decent people run from me
and i am damned again
i am damned

one dozen white ones
i'm forced to do this
the ocean calls me
and i go to sleep

after the goldrush everything is grey
another good soul in the state of decay
true about me
and then decent people run for me
whispering your name

i'm only too glad
you've finally come here
and i rise blue
as a bleeding queen

once in your life you will see the light
and he owed a party
but you didn't invite me
candles by the bed
screaming your name
and i am damned again
i am damned

to dream about this
and live without this
once in a blue moon
the truth will comes near to you
burning cool
you don't know what to do
falling down
into the truth of me
which has no decency
burning the candle
you come in and
all the violets died at once today
all fall down

everyone keeps running and i'm kind of tired of pretending that nothing is ever going wrong. nobody ever fucking stays around. ever.


March 20th, 2006
Promiscuous makes an entrance
Her mouth is full of questions
Are we all brides to be
Are we all designed to be confined
Buy ourselves chastity belts and lock them, ah
Organize our lives and lose the key, ah
Our faces all resemble dying roses
From trying to fix it

Trying to fix it
Trying to fix it, when instead we should break it
We've got to break it before it breaks us

Fear of pretty houses and their porches, ah
Fear of biological wrist watches, ah
Fear of comparison shopping, ah
Dogs on leashes behind fences barking, ah
Pretty little pillows on floral couches
Until our faces all resemble dying roses
Stop trying to fix it

Patriarch on a Vespa
Runs a red and ends up
Crushed under the wheel

cbgbomfug [Saturday
March 18th, 2006
[ mood | bored ]

horrowshow devotchkaCollapse )

recording went alright, even though i had to do everything alone. valerie's grounded, lmfao AGAIN! uhh, i got a fish. lol. rob and i started talking again. he was realllehhh drunk last night and grew balls :]

sorry i haven't been around much. the interenet like bores the FUCK OUt OF ME lately so i've been like watching teeveepee or shit.


February 27th, 2006
[ mood | thirsty ]

recording at libertine studios this weekend
next weekend: matt's house with him and joe for a collaboration

holy shit! we're getting our shit together!! wowowowowow!
lmfao, my dad hid the facking amps somewhere and i hafta go find 'em before vera vogue calls.

oh man, i will fuckin' miss the shit out of don knotts :[


rock is dead [Wednesday
February 22nd, 2006
[ mood | bored ]

this was in the newspaper a while agoCollapse )

guillotine blades.Collapse )


February 15th, 2006
i'm really thirsty. i have water next to me but it's really not quenching my tongue to any degree what so ever. i just saw that m&ms commercial with the iron and wine song. it's so much fun to sit there and watch. i know scene kids are mad about it, but don't be 'cause m&ms make chocolate fun and now you can dance to them if they were a kaledescope. i bet gatorade would work better than this water. lol, now i just have to pee really badly but the stairs look like a chore right now. if i move my head really fast things are normal. yeah, i shouldn't keep my head still. i was gonna take a nap but i think my tongue and mouth would hate me for not quenching them. it'd probably be really uncomfortable too. i called calvin, but i think his mom picked up. valerie called me too. she's at the sat course, SWAYING! OLE! wowowwowowow i gotta pee so bad. i hate when you can't hold your pee in, especially on the bus. it's gonna be dark soon and i still have to get a gatorade before i go take a nap. i love you valerie!!! oh, if i cough i get thirstier, non-fiction.

February 12th, 2006
[ mood | sick ]

i'm sick
and i'm sick of people following around my life after i've long been through with them.
boys, like rob and andrew, should stay out of kittyradio because it's obviously not a place people would normally find them, so they're really just asking for trouble. and i regret nothing.

this fugazi cd won't fucking copyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


February 1st, 2006
lol, there are 5 guitars in my room right now.
4 of them are mine.
i stabbed my arms with needles and i accidentaly cut up my fingers cutting my hair because i'm a loser who has serious accidents like that.

when you look in the mirror do you smash it quick?
do you take the glass and slash your wrists?
did you do it for fame?
did you do it in a fit?
did you do it before you read about it?

bombshelllsdfjaslfjlsdlflkhahaha [Wednesday
January 25th, 2006
[ mood | i gotta pee ]

so we got caught smoking in school by misssssss ramoss ghey. :[ but mr. concepcion was like, "just go to detentioonnn." so i have it TWO fucking days next week cause of the one i got the other week for being too WILD with the uniform. lmfao, you kidz get me in cahrazy trouble. he made us give him the fags, and i was like, "NO WAY IS THAT BITCH TAKING THE CLOVES." and i realllahy wanted to get rid of my spirits so i was like, "haha, I HAVE ALL OF THEM!" besides, calvin nevah gets in troublehh so i had to to save his little blacks :]

lolz @ him not having a coke problem. haha, yes he does... ♥

oh valeriah, i kept meaning to tell you ferr like days, but you know i never remember shit. calvin is getting recording equipment (that includess mixersz and shit) so hopefully we'll be able to put shit up soon.


January 22nd, 2006
happy birthday evahh gee
if i had a liscense instead of a lazy personality, i would go straight and come visit :]
khay love you!!

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